Thoughts On My Group Project’s Direction: Part 1

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Historically, group projects can be a total horror show. But as my group moves forward with our final group project, I’m quite happy with the way our creative direction is shaping up. We decided to go with a horror parody (i.e. playing with motifs from The Exorcist) to liken a prospective employee going to a job interview without their resume to a priest showing up to an exorcism without being prepared with his tools (e.g. holy water, bible, etc.) and basically failing his “interview” process.

I personally hope that our video plays humorously and doesn’t look too lo-fi in terms of production. (Of course, I know our tools will be limited, so I have reasonable expectations.) I also hope that our video doesn’t play out too long as I believe that this types of video need to get to the point and not drag out else we run the risk of losing the audience. I hope our script reads natural and not too cheesy, too!

For the storyboard, I hope our message can be clearly communicated and I hope that our scenes are clear and make sense for the narrative, as well as showcase the overall tone of the scene as well as the direction of the camera angles. Overall, I’m really happy with our initial creative direction, the collaboration we’ve done so far with one another, as well as how everyone is contributing to the group.