Group Creative Process: Milestones and Challenges

TeamworkMy group filmed our clips this past weekend. In and of itself the filming was a huge accomplishment, as it not only brought us together as a cohesive group, but also showed how we could overcome challenges as a unit (including a mishap with some cars getting towed, as well as a few audio issues). Another accomplishment was working together on finalizing the script, which was a lot of fun. We already had the bare bones laid out of what we wanted to get across, but getting together as a group and finalizing and running lines was not only fun but also a n exciting challenge.

One of the hurdles I anticipate involves having to rerecord some audio for a voice-over, as since we didn’t have any professional-quality recording devices, some of our on-camera audio was too low and we have to record it. My concern is regarding syncing the rerecorded audio to the actual video, though I’m sure we’ll figure it out together! Another hurdle will be simply editing the video to make it consistent, professional, and funny. I think finding the perfect music bed for this will be a fun challenge for us!

Some of the tools that we’re going to in editing our video, tools that we’ve explored in this class, include audio editing (such as Garageband) in order to do our voice-overs and edit our existing audio for optimal effect, as well as video editing software to actually piece our video together cohesively. I look forward to finally using all these tools for this finalized, major project, as it will certainly synthesize and put to good use everything that we’ve learned altogether, and this time as a group team.


One thought on “Group Creative Process: Milestones and Challenges

  1. valerieclassblog April 14, 2015 / 11:40 pm

    Hey Erica! πŸ™‚
    I really do think that we are making good progress. What we have done so far was way beyond my expectations…and that’s only because of the issues we had last semester in Org Comm. πŸ˜› Regardless, I have great feelings about this and I hope to fully incorporate audio and visual edits in our next meet! See you soon!


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