Utiling Media in Multi-Media Projects: Adding Sound, Images, and Video Content

Audio and visual media are aesthetic tools that can help propel any project to a higher level, making something more engaging, more informed, or more entertaining. For our final project video, which we are creating a loose parody of The Exorcism with (albeit more thematically and less in a scene-by-scene narrative sense), it may be useful to incorporate some additional media artifacts into our presentation.


Sound is absolutely critical for any media project. (Even the absence of sound, which we can consider a sort of audio cue in and of itself, can create a powerful effect in media.) As we are doing a video hat parodies a classical horror film, it may make sense to use spooky or scary sounding music to score our video.

This independent music below, “Slenderman” by David Jaworski, might be a nice sonic addition to our video to create an over-the-top, comedic feel, since it’s quite spooky and while we’re referencing an iconic horror film, our take is much more humorous and light-hearted:



In addition to music, still images can also serve as useful content for a video, and can often help to break things up and make for a transition into a different narrative or piece of content.  The offer a moment for the viewer to gather their thoughts about what they’ve just seen, and maybe even have a moment to really examine a piece of information.

Image via http://pixabay.com/p-276893/?no_redirect
Image via http://pixabay.com/p-276893/?no_redirect

For our video, as we’re going to do a scene at the end which brings the viewer out of the fantasy scenario and into reality, showing the Resume Builder application in use as well as other Rutgers/student/resume-centric imagery. It might be nice to insert an actual stock image of a resume, such as the professional one pictured here, somewhere in that part of the video under the voice-over.


Even though we are ourselves filming and editing a video specifically for this project, it’s oftentimes helpful and engaging to insert other video and film clips into a video project. This is something that many pop culture and film reviewers do online quite successfully, making their videos more engaging by having actual clips of the films/media they’re referencing spliced into their video.

While I don’t necessarily believe that, from a narrative perspective, we’ll need to make this sort of video reference, this clip of someone using various digital technologies might be a good model of the sort of video clip that could work in terms of transitional content into showing how the Resume Builder app functions. However, I don’t think this exact clip would fit, and I honestly struggled to find a clip that would work in general.


3 thoughts on “Utiling Media in Multi-Media Projects: Adding Sound, Images, and Video Content

  1. mayagalia April 12, 2015 / 1:17 am

    I think it is hilarious that you chose a song called Slender man. I’ve seen pictures from the game and have actually tried to play it once for a few minutes. I found out really quickly that it was a bit difficult and not as scary of a game as I was led to believe. Googling and reading blogs about “Slender man” however was creepy. It was especially creepy seeing those pictures of “him” lurking in a shot of children playing in a playground. Terrifying, I think. The music you shared which I guess what inspired from that (?) sounds really creepy and I think would fit super well with the theme we are going with for our video. I feel like the longer I keep listening to it I can feel myself getting more and more creeped out. That’s a good thing but also a little unnerving.


  2. valerieclassblog April 12, 2015 / 12:28 pm

    Hi Erica!
    I like your idea using a stock image of a resume. Maybe we could use it in our paper that we have to write for the project. Or we could somehow incorporate it into our video? Never the less, thank you for providing the place to record as well as helping to guide this video into the making of it. You go girl! 🙂


  3. almrutgers April 12, 2015 / 3:48 pm

    Your use of the slenderman audio clip I think is a really good way to avoid copyright issues at the get . Because some major studio didn’t produce this and isn’t making a bunch of money , I imagine using that as a springboard for search is much more effective when trying to find suitable media for our project . I think again I’m finding that the audio each of my group members has posted , with your audio being no exception, are the best pieces of media from project. I can easily see us using this clip for the shot from up above the stairs !


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