Thoughts On My Group Project’s Direction: Part 2

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After creating a storyboard with my group members, I feel generally happy about the outcome of our project progress thus far. I think our narrative and goal vision is on point and aligned, and I’m very proud of the level of contribution all of my fellow group members have displayed.

However, progress is not without its challenges. One of the main challenges we faced as a group during this story-boarding stage was miscommunication, particularly in a virtual context. As most of this particular process was completed asynchronously in a digital environment, there was some disconnect between individual group member visions and expectations, as well as some miscommunication and misunderstandings during the collaboration process via email. However, we worked through this issue with a little sensitivity and communication skills, and were able to get back on track!

Another challenge we faced was being able to coordinate and include certain creative elements of the storyboard process using the digital tools we had on hand (i.e. email and Google Presentation in the Google Drive, as well as OneDrive, previously). For instance, we struggled a bit with including the artwork for our storyboards as we found it a bit difficult to coordinate including hand-created artwork in an evolving digital presentation that was constantly being changed and expanded upon. Again, in the end, we came up with a solution that everyone was comfortable and happy with.

One of the things that changed during the story-boarding step was that we added more detailed character cues and context for certain scenes, as well as added in a draft of the script, an addition that somewhat polarized our group in terms of identifying its necessity for the storyboard, but ultimately stayed in. One element that I’d love to see in a final draft of the storyboard might be camera angle cues and camera movement directions. Finally, my ultimate vision for this project is for it to be funny, informative, make sense, have a great flow, and also have good, positive energy!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts On My Group Project’s Direction: Part 2

  1. valerieclassblog April 5, 2015 / 2:01 pm

    Hi Erica! It was tough gathering our information together at first but we figured it out at the end. I really hope we can meet all of our expectations and make this video look the way we want it. Even if we can’t fit everything, we should at least get our main points across.

    I can’t wait! 🙂 Thank you again for all your contributions. You’re truly awesome!


  2. almrutgers April 5, 2015 / 2:54 pm

    I couldn’t agree with your assessments more . Every project is not without its challenges … I can’t help but think that once were able to get together and have more direct communication with one another that it’s going to be much more streamlined . I really appreciate the willingness of you and the other team members to work together to overcome all the obstacles of this project . I really like the direction that this project is going and I know will have the best presentation !


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